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Marriage Stew

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Marriage Stew: First combine the concerned persons with the 2 cups of love an adequate, comfortable mixing area. Next blend in the understanding and patience and beat lightly with a spoon until the mixture is smooth & fluffy. Now add the two cans of trust and pour the mixture into the casserole of life and place over very low heat to simmer. This is also the time to add tears, dreams, touching, remembering or any other spices you feel will make your stew more exciting. As the mixture is simmering, saute the sex in tenderness and perhaps a little wine on special occasions. Add this to main casserole until the desired strength is reached. While the stew is cooking, you might want to sprinkly in a little singing, dancing, playing or praying--you be the judge. Cook to taste; garnish with a kiss or two and serve with honest friendship.

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